Food Sociology

Latest Books

  • Germov, J. & Williams, L. 2017, A Sociology of Food & Nutrition: The Social Appetite, 4th edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Latest book chapters

  • Williams, L. & Germov, J. 2017,From “The Missus used to cook” to “Get the recipe book & get stuck into it”: Reconstructing Masculinities in Older Men’, in M. Szabo & S.L. Koch (eds) Food, Masculinities and Home: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Bloomsbury, New York, pp. 108-25.
  • Williams, L. & Germov, J.  2015, ‘Food’, in D.T. Cook & J.M. Ryan (eds) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies, Wiley-Blackwell, London.

Recent journal articles

  • Williams, L., Germov, J., Fuller, S. & Freij, M. 2015, ‘A Taste of Ethical Consumption at a Slow Food Festival’, Appetite, vol. 91, pp. 321-28.
  • Germov, J., Williams, L. & Freij, M. 2011, ‘Portrayal of the Slow Food Movement in the Australian Print Media: Conviviality, Localism and Romanticism’, Journal of Sociology, vol. 47, no. 1, pp. 89-106.