Latest Books

  • Germov, J. (ed.) 2019, Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology, 6th edition, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
  • Germov, J. & Hornosty, J. (eds) 2017, Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology, 2nd Canadian edition, Oxford University Press, Ontario, Canada.

Latest book chapters

  • Hepworth, J., Schofield, T., Leontini, R. & Germov, J. (in press), ‘Policy implications for alcohol use among university students’, in D Conroy & F Measham (eds) Contemporary Drinking Styles Among Young Adults, Palgrave.
  • Tanner, C., Lindsay, J., Leontini, R., Supski, S., Hepworth, J., Schofield, T. & Germov, J. (in press) ‘Becoming a “successful” drinker and a graduate: A sociological perspective on alcohol consumption by university students’, in V.R. Preedy (ed) The Neuroscience of Alcohol: Mechanisms and Treatment, Academic Press.
  • Germov, J. & Williams, L. (in press) ‘Women and Dieting’, in Jean-Pierre J-P Poulain (ed.) Dictionnaire des cultures et des modèles alimentaires (Dictionary of the Culture and Food Models), Paris, PUF.

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