About John Germov

John is a Professor of Sociology, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) at Charles Sturt University, Australia. As a sociologist with expertise in mixed methods social research, he has published 24 books and numerous chapters and articles. John specialises in the social determinants of health, notably the social origins of food and alcohol habits, workplace change, and the history of sociology. John is a passionate advocate for the transformational impact of university education, particularly in creating an informed citizenry with a cosmopolitan outlook and capable of addressing the ‘wicked problems’ of our era―making a difference to improving the human condition.

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Featured Publications

Hunter Wine: A History

Germov, J. & McIntyre, J. 2018. Hunter Wine: A History, 1st edition Sydney: New South

A Sociology of Food & Nutrition: the Social Appetite

Germov, J. & Williams, L. (eds.) 2017. A Sociology of Food & Nutrition: the Social Appetite, 4th edition (South Melbourne: Oxford University Press)

Second Opinion

Germov, J. & Hornosty, J. (eds.) 2017. Second Opinion. 2nd Canadian Edition. Don Mills, Canada: Oxford University Press

Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society

Germov, J. and Poole, M. (eds) 2015, Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society, 4th edn, Sydney: Allen and Unwin

Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology 6th edition

Germov JB (2014), Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology 6th edition, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, VIC

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Speeches & Presentations

The rise of Australia as a wine nation

Germov, J. & McIntyre, J. 2013 The Conversation, 5 June 2013. Think of alcohol in Australian life and you probably think of beer: a “hard-earned thirst”and all that. Yet our national drinking taste is undergoing a dramatic change. Not only are we...

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Winner Best Wine Book Award 2018

John’s book, Hunter Wine: A History, co-authored with colleague Dr Julie McIntyre has been named best wine book of 2018 at the Wine Communicators of Australia Awards. Dr McIntyre accepted the award on behalf of the duo and is pictured receiving the award with award category sponsor Liam Turnbull of Calabria Wines. Recognised for its outstanding...

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